Inside Bungalow 3 in Ireland. A tragic tale of abuse of special needs children.

In Ireland, undercover agents were sent inside “Bungalow 3” and what they found was appalling.  Special needs children hit, slapped, kicked, punched, confined to small spaces or even a chair for hours on end.  Chemical restraints were used.  Glenda M. and others report their loved ones are chemically restrained, others say their loved ones suffered fractures while in nursing care. (Barbara Stone) and feeding tubes are often implanted as a convenience because the patients eat too slow (Glenda M, Alice Gore).  Feeding tubes become an easy way to kill off the senior when the money is gone (Alice Gore).

Ireland is finally using undercover agents where abuse is indicated, and that should spread to the US.  Apparently some members of the health care field are only on “good behavior” during visiting hours.

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