Corrections to blog….as requested by the IARDC

During the end of my hearing, SO pointed out the following

1) the table of torts was wrong to mention PS as a trouble-feasor (can’t say tort feasor), but put nothing in the verbiage, so I corrected that.  See item 9. (Usu. I correct after getting an email complaint, NOT after someone complains in court, so I’m reminding people if you want a correction, please EMAIL me or just post a comment.  It doesn’t help me much to mention it in court.  I’m an email person.)

2) Apparently the IARDC and the Tribunal doesn’t like the tag “corruption” either, so I’m replacing all the “corruption” tags with “not corruption”, as if that matters.  A search engine listing just directs someone to click on and read an article. If they feel better that the tag is “not corruption”, unlike those powers that be, I know my readers are smart and can…

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