Blogging in probate court today and for Gloria

Dear Readers;

Today was a very sad day.  First of all, Gloria lost her $202k or whatever she had left over from her Lumberman’s suit to fix her home and for her medical care for her cancer–which is what the money was to be used for.  You will see my blogging below.  Next we still have the recurring issue of the bailiffs in probate court interfering with my constitutional right to blog and  be part of a free press in an open and democratic society. Worse of all, there is no written rule on prohibiting blogging.  I have a blogging client.  She has asked me to court watch and to blog.  I see nothing wrong with that.  Today, in court, even Judge Stuart agreed with that!  Hurrah and kudos to Judge Stuart for doing the right thing.

Alas and alak, the deputies argued with me and even the judge.  A…

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