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CONFIRMED BY ILL. SUPREME COURT– YOU ARE VIEWINGTHE MOST DANGEROUS BLOG IN ILLINOIS. This blog is so dangerous it warranted a 3 year suspension by the IARDC and Jerome Larkin that crushes the dissent of honest attorneys–Denison, Ditkowsky and Amu! Our mottos: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". Justice Louis Brandeis ; "If the truth can destroy something, then it deserves to be destroyed" Carl Sagan; "Justice is Truth in Action" Benjamin Disraeli. The more offensive the political speech, the more the Constitution must protect it. (jmd) NEW — THIS BLOG decried subversive "misconduct" as US govt moves to crush dissident attys via the IARDC. (Janet Phelan/Activist Post) The IARDC shouts out "BLAME the MEDIA" and "SHOOT the messengers!" The public responded, "THIS BLOG IS THE ESSENCE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT." (censored ABA blog)

Justice for Everyone Blog

From PPJ Gazette–Great article on how the government can improve the quality of nursing home care


via CBS12 Investigates PROMO: Government failures cause nursing home nightmares

CBS12 Investigates PROMO: Government failures cause nursing home nightmares


CBS12 Investigates: Government failures cause nursing home nightmares


Airs at 11:00 pm est on Friday -Nov 10th, 2017.  Veterans Day…CBS12 Investigates uncovered reports of true horror stories happening at nursing homes across the country that by law should have been reported to the police.

My wonderful and caring mother- Patricia Dahmer was interviewed with other victims family of Wrongful Death, Neglect, and Abuse in Nursing Homes.  What my father- George Dahmer aka Former Pro Wrestler from WWF/WWE went through was Totally Unacceptable, Injustice, Cruel, Vicious, and Unbelievable.  

My father is not…

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