More breaking news on corruption at the ARDC–the court reporter’s IDFPR request for taking a transcript at my trial without a license

Dear Readers;

You just can’t make this stuff up.  I FOIA’d (Freedom of Information Act) all the documents at the Ill. Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation relating to my court reporter when she took 5 days of transcript at my trial, never said she was unlicensed and then proceeded to render doctored transcripts, all in favor of the ARDC’s kangaroo hearing. She then voluntarily and permanently surrendered her license and paid a fine of $2500. All of this should be on the website.

It’s the most disgusting mess I have ever encountered in my life (I know my court corruption victims have suffered more, but this is way over the top).

Here are the FOIA responses and they are an eye opener:

The ARDC has filed some ridiculous affidavits with the Ill. Supreme Court that she has applied for relicensure.

Here is the ARDC response to…

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