New York Law Students Criticize union busting efforts by a NYU Trustee and received subpoenas in return

And in the popular vein of if you have money and you’re the big guy, push to keep the union out of your company via nefarious means,  engage in union busting, and if law students were involved, please serve them subpoenas for all their texts, emails and faxes which refer, relate to or will lead to evidence regarding their union related activities!

See, NY times article:

Two law students at New York University criticized one NYU trustee regarding his union busting activities.  This particular Trustee also donates $1 million to the law school, but that doesn’t stop him from going after NYU law students supporting unions.

At first, the law school said they would not get involved, but then it footed the students’ legal assistance in this matter.

No courage shower there.

Other articles reveal the Trustee resigned over the hullabaloo.  His institute focused on “racial, ethnic and economic…

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