Sign Gloria’s Petition to Free Mary Sykes now!

From Gloria Sykes
Subject: “Mary G. Sykes: SAVE from Court Sanctioned Guardianship Abuse”
I created a petition to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and 4 others which says:
“Stop court sanctioned guardianship abuses of the elderly and disabled perpetrated by a cottage industry of attorneys who under the color of law,  abuse, exploit, and deny senior citizens of their liberty, property, human and civil rights for the miscreants own person financial gain. “
Will you sign this petition? Click here:
Gloria Jean Sykes
Dear Readers;
Gloria has not seen her mother but  a handful of times since June of 2009.  This is the work of a legally appointed guardian and two GAL’s who wrote up the following recent order.
Note how Gloria can’t talk to her mother about ANYTHING!  This is despite the fact the two GAL’s have seen Mary about 2x each in…

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