From FB: 40 things women could not do before the 1970s

40 Basic Rights Women Did Not Have Until The 1970s
By Trista

40 Basic Rights Women Did Not Have Until The 1970s

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Women have come a long way in this world; well, in America, especially. Although ladies can pretty much hop in their car, get a job, have a drink, and do whatever else they please, this was not always the case. Although you might be familiar with the fact that women had to fight for their rights, you probably don’t realize how many basic things females were denied. (White) Men, on the other hand, were not rejected from these same primary benefits. Luckily, times have changed, but some even in the 21st century, ladies still struggle for equal pay — something that has been a fight for decades..
A woman shopping with magnetic stripe…

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From FB: Randall v. Davison 4th Circuit; public officials cannot block critics on their FB page

In one of the first decisions of its kind, the 4th circuit has held that when a public official owns a FB page to conduct business, contact constiutents, and perform duties, it cannot block critics from posting on that page.

The decision may be found here:

Some quotes from the case

Phyllis Randall, Chair of the Loudoun County, Virginia, Board of Supervisors (the
“Loudoun Board”), brings this appeal, arguing that the district court erred in concluding
that she violated the First Amendment rights of one of her constituents, Brian Davison,
when she banned Davison from the “Chair Phyllis J. Randall” Facebook page she
administered. In a cross appeal, Davison principally argues that the district court erred
in dismissing his procedural due process claim premised on the ban. For the reasons that
follow, we affirm.

On her campaign page, Randall characterized the Chair’s Facebook Page as her
“county Facebook page”…

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From FB/Chicago Trib: the Quiet Room, how to turn school into jail for children

Just when you thought you heard it all.

In past years, kids would  sit on a bench with a scowling secretary waiting to see the principal, now we have a jail like setting so I guess poor kids can get used to the mass incarceration problem in Illinois.

Unfreaking believable article.  what amazes me is the fact a lot of these kids are autistic or special needs and there is no evaluation before using this “disciplinary technique” if it would harm a special needs child.  Of course, it just looks like crapola for any child, but that’s a whole other issue.

next, there will be another study that these don’t help any child at all.  whatever happened to the counselor’s bench or the principal’s bench? isn’t that enough for a child?

A seclusion room at Braun Educational Center in south suburban Oak Forest.

The Quiet RoomsChildren are being…

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From FB: Illinois teen put in 3 point shackles by DCFS, horrors

‘It Was Messed Up:’ Teen In Foster Care Speaks Out About Being Put In Shackles By DCFS Workers

CHICAGO (CBS) — Jawan Cross is not a prisoner – he’s a teen in foster care – and yet, he was shackled by workers from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

Cross wants to show his face and tell his story about a problem that we first exposed. CBS 2’s Chris Tye spoke exclusively with the young man as the DCFS had their day in court Thursday.

Cross said the DCFS first entered his world about 30 days ago. But that month has felt like…

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Emergency: A 2 yo is dead. A 4 yo is in danger. Please call Kane County DCFS/Police and demand Kara Witkowski’s child be returned to her.

Kane County Sheriff

Address37W755 IL-38 suite a, St. Charles, IL 60175

Kane County DCFS

Address595 S State St, Elgin, IL 60123

Kane County Judges involved:  Judge John Dalton (gave custody to a dangerous psychopath and refused to hear Kara say TB was a violent rapist and abuser and Judge Renee Cruz who got the case after Dalton recused himself in late October and she put off all of Kara’s motions to vacate the gag orders, return her kids to her and dismiss the parentage order)  Call them and demand they return custody to Kara and tell them what you think about handing 2 precious angels over to a dangerous psychopath just because mom blogged about the case because the court was doing the wrong thing and failing her.
Kane county court system:  630-232-5820

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From FB: Mental health teams formed to assist with 911 calls to bypass police

Many 911 calls are for overdoses, severe drunkeness, mental health crises, family disputes, and other emergencies that should not involve police.  Thank heavens that some communities recognize this and are assembling mental health teams to de escalate heated situations which do not involve real crimes, just families and people out of control in a safe secure manner that helps people and families.

An alternative to police: Mental health team responds to emergencies in Oregon

For immediate help if you are in a crisis, call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls are confidential.

Eugene, Oregon — When a mental health-related 911 call comes in, a specialized team in Eugene, Oregon, rolls out.

“Pretty much everybody we see is for one reason or another is in a state of crisis,” said…

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