From DSS: Request to sign petition to free Virginia Jean Wahab from an abusive guardianship

A note from AAAPG founder, Dr Sam Sugar:

I urge all readers who are outraged by this abuse to sign the petition, Release Jean Wahab- an American senior citizen imprisoned for no crime.

Guardians from Hell

The completely legal, utterly grotesque system for undermining the rights of the elderly
June 21, 2018 • 2:00 PM

At 92-years-old, Virginia “Jean” Wahab hadn’t lost any of the vitality and health she maintained throughout her life. She raised two daughters as a single mom and made a home for them in the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Oak Park. Wahab worked on her feet and didn’t retire from her job at a local family restaurant until she was 88.

Fiercely independent, Wahab was quite happy living at home after retirement. She had a healthy social life. She did her own grocery shopping and chores. She so rarely needed to pay a visit to a hospital that her health insurance was barely touched.


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