From FB: 13 year old charged with juvenile deliquency over recording the school principal!

While this article gets a number of things wrong (juveniles can only be charged with juvenile deliquency NOT with any actual crime), this article does show several issues 1) no one really understands the Illinois Eavesdropping Act of 2014; 2) Adults in charge of children who don’t want to be held accountable may get an overzealous prosecutor to use it to quell 1st Amendment rights of children in the US and 3)  it’s a near impossible battle to charge anyone with using a cell phone to record an event, they’re so prevalent, we may as just forget that one.  But, if the principal didn’t want to be recorded, he should have just walked away and emailed the student and the student’s parents.

In reality, the principal is a public servant and as such, he should expect to be recorded. Most principals get paid handsomely for a 9 to 5 or…

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