From FB: Form I 864 is very important for foreign nationals in divorce court

Sometimes when mothers or fathers lose custody, and were the primary caretaker, they may be an immigrant with a green card who is no longer employable.  However, these persons are not to become public charges, but their sponsor must pay them 125% of the poverty level annually to ensure they do not become public charges.

Read on for more caselaw and information:


We are publishing an update to our 2012 article, Suing on the I-864, Affidavit of Support. That original article, along with a February 2014 update, is available on our website here. The current article reviews all United States case law concerning enforcement of the I-864, going back to publication of the last article. Together the three articles review every case throughout the United States to consider enforcement of the I-864.

Download the article here: Suing on the I-864 – December 2016 Update

Article text:
This is the…

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