From Ken Ditkowsky– Cook County Judge quits after 142 days, citing ethics concerns and lack of response from Timothy Evans

The Americans With Disabilities Act means nothing to our Courts!   Nor do human rights.   Even if you pay your dues to the “party” you had better ******

THE WATCHDOGS: Why Cook County judge quit after just 142 days

THE WATCHDOGS 05/05/2017, 05:15pm

Former Cook County Judge Richard Cooke, holding his judicial robe, at his Logan Square law office. | Max Herman / Sun-Times

At the orientation for what he thought would be his dream job, Richard Cooke says he and other rookie Cook County judges were told they should appreciate their ascension into “career paradise” — and never question the boss.

“This job as a judge, we were told, came with unbelievable perks: high salary, incredible respect, five weeks’ paid vacation, basically unlimited, compensated sick days, minimal supervision, great health…

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