From Roseanne Miller–when the judge says “you are required to have an attorney” that’s a lie

One of the basic tenants of American jurisprudence is the freedom to hire any lawyer your want, even starting as young as age 12, and not have anyone else interfere with that right.  You even have the right to NEVER hire a lawyer.

After listening to hundreds of stories and  complaints about lawyers from running this blog, I have to say I am utterly apalled at what is actually going on in Illinois, and since the ARDC is too busy running its own schemes and scams to protect corrupt lawyers (Seth Gillman who bilked Medicare and Medicaid some $100 million up until the very day he turned states evidence, and then there’s Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Stephen Splitt and Melissa Smart who lied about this blog and tried to shut it down illegally–even to the tune of using an unlicensed court reporter, I say shame on you.)

After all this…

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