From Ken Ditkowsky–where the real problem with Illinois corruption lies

Here in Chicago the murder rate is well over a murder a day and shootings are measured by the number per hour, rather than the number per month or year.     We have the strongest gun laws in the United States and the political elite call for more laws.    The big problem is that we have three criteria here in Illinois, to wit:

1.       Pass Laws

2.       Restrict freedom

3.       Complain bitterly and divert attention

Enforcement of the law is NOT an option as it could make someone who has some clout unhappy.     Let’s call a spade a spade.     Come election time, the gangs are important sources of votes for the dominant political party.    All those poor souls who lose children to gang violence are easily intimidated or fooled into voting against their best interests.     Need an example – take the last mayoral race.     Not only was the current mayor re-elected…

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