From Paul Abramson in Cal. to the Illinois Supreme court–Please DO SOMETHING about corrupt lawyers and courtrooms

Faxed to the Illinois Supreme Court today:

May 3rd 2017

Chief Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier
3101 Old Jacksonville Road
Springfield, IL 62704
(217) 558-4490
(217) 785-3905 (fax)

RE: Malfeasance –Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) Chicago ILL

Your Honor,
I have faxed your office at least three times over the past several weeks favoring you letters as to the malfeasance that is transpiring at the ARDC office in Chicago Illinois. They have refused to ever prosecute any of the twelve complaints I have filed against Illinois attorneys. I know other victims of attorney abuse and corruption that have filed even more than that many complaints without prosecution of any as well. Apparently since the Governor of your state does not care and the Supreme court has over sight of the ARDC I am bringing this serious matter to your attention as unfortunately based on my experience the ARDC only takes…

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