From Ken Dikowsky–stop the FRAUD in health care

THERE CAN BE NO HEALTH CARE PROGRAM THAT WILL WORK until the fraud is gone.  The government has commissioned and received five Government Accounting Office reports to ignore.   These reports detail the fact that there is a War raging against the Elderly and the Disabled.   Corrupt public officials, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges **** have banded together to pervert the Probate Court systems to isolate elderly people so that Court appointed guardians can strip them of their savings, assets, dignity and humanity.   This redistribution of the wealth program is detailed in the Mary Sykes case (O9 P 4585 Circuit Court of Cook county), the Alice Gore case ****, the MaryGSykes blog, the Probate Sharks blog, the NASGA blog, the AAAPG blog *****, the criminal prosecution by the USA against Seth Gillman, Philip ESformes, *****.   
Thousands of Elderly citizens are herded from their homes and placed into guardianships…

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