Ken Ditkowsky writes of some interesting experiences….

You cannot make this stuff up.
As I have been looking back at my career and the past years the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 371 conspiracy rates as the most bizarre.    I thought that when Victor Marzolo (sp – Chicago Alderman) was outraged that dead people had to be removed from the voter lists “JUST BECAUSE THEY DIED” rated number one.   His outrage that they lost their “franchise” because of death topped the cake.     Victor’s outrage was real!     It was however consistent with a visit from a very nice, well dressed elderly lady (almost 60 years old) who wandered into my office and tossed several thousand dollars in cash on my desk and requested that I hold it for her.
I inquired, and was treated to a ‘tale’ of horror.    She demurely informed me that she was afraid to be in her apartment.    “There were snakes coming out of the…

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