From Ken Ditkowsky–what Jerome Larkin does and who he is.

Here in Illinois, if Mr. Jerome Larkin the administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission hears that a lawyer is trying to expose corruption, he will make up some lies (under oath) and report his prevarications to the Illinois Supreme Court and request that the lawyer be suspended from the practice of law for 3 years or more.   (In Lanre Amu’s case, the respected CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS made the very same report – Larkin’s minions without a scintilla of evidence found Amu guilty of practicing law while Black.   For this ethically challenged activity Amu, received an interim suspension from the Supreme Court and then a three year suspension  – YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!)
Indeed, her in Illinois the Truth can set you free – free of your money, property, humanity, law license, rights of citizenship etc.    I read one of Mr. Larkin’s documents…

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