Response to USPTO request for information on my suspension by the IARDC

He is what I filed with the OED earlier this week.  It makes it clear the Sykes case was utterly corrupt, the ARDC is hopelessly corrupt and everyone needs to be fired there, and many, many lawyers need to be indicted.  We need not mention names.  Hundreds of you have filed perfectly valid complaints against (clouted) attorneys that were routinely dismissed and went no where.  The JIB is a joke and rarely goes after judges who are even obviously corrupt.

You know I am after them, and apparently the ARDC now wants me to help honest citizens file complaint after complaint to all the authorities–the ARDC and JIB to see how many valid complaints can be dismissed, as well as the states attorneys and the FBI.

As for me, I sit in the catbird seat now just accumulating excuse after excuse to publish, or not to publish.  Let them figure…

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