From Ken Ditkowsky–how a new Yale Law Articles reinforces the First Amendment and occupational speech and the rights of lawyers who can and should speak out against improprieties in the US Court System

Trying to draw a distinction between professional speech and private speech as suggested in the article  Professional Speech

Professional Speech

By Claudia E. Haupt
abstract. Professionals speak in the course of exercising their profession.
is to create a distinction without a difference.   The unexplored portions of the 1st Amendment are an illusion in light of the cases of Citizens United, Alvarez, et al.  Government in America is ‘LIMITED’ and while it is not politically correct to mention that fact we added to our Constitution the BILL OF RIGHTS and every State has adopted something similar.   In `1865 *** with the enactment of the 14th Amendment we made certain that the limitations of the Bill of Rights applied to the States.
Many in our government would like to limit mandates of the First Amendment and create barriers to speaking out against x or y or…

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