From Ken Ditkowsky–Another nursing home operator indicted for millions!

It looks as though the feds are now finding medicare and medicaid and state funded nursing homes a lucrative source of fraud=indictments means more money returned to the state and federal government.

My only question is, what took so long and what about investigating whether not some or all of theses elders can b returned to their family members and these estate draining guardianships be ended?  Also the massive funds spent by medicare/medicaid on psychotropic and other drugs which are non FDA approved for such an usage should be returned to the source of funding.

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From Cynthia Stevens

One big answer I think is those of us with a conscience, no matter our ages or whatever, must start running for office.  Start local and keep on keeping on. Have your friends join you.  We had a couple of cousins with a conscience get elected to Chillicothe City Council…

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