From KKD: City Hall fights discovery in civil rights cases

From Joanne;

One of the interesting movies right now on Netflix is “Dis-honesty” which is about the science of cheating.  Why do people do it?  How can it be prevented or stopped?  When are people more likely to do it?

One of the experiments noted in the movie, is that when students were given a test but paid according to how many questions were right, they tended to cheat more when sitting next to another person they were told was “good at the tests.”  Or when paired with a “strong test taker”, when paid they were much more likely to cheat. Most of the time, with or without payments based upon how many correct answers, there were always cheaters.

What did they find (warning: plot spoiler) seemed to stop the cheating on tests?  Having the test takers sign a “Code of Honor” or “10 commandments”.  Now the interesting thing…

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