Unbelievable–the ARDC response to my Motion to Vacate a False and Fraudulent Order


See below pleadings:

Motion for Leave to Supplement Pleadings


Motion to Supplement Pleadings




Here is my Motion to Vacate:


Now here is the ARDC response:


This is absolutely unbelievable.  The ARDC offers no explanation or response to why they are using unlicensed court reporters from unlicensed agencies that list corporate names on their transcripts that are either inactive, expired or non existent corporations!

They have painted themselves into a corner.  Either a license is important and a court reporter or attorney must have it, or the license is not important and a court reporter or attorney does not have to have it but they can still act as one, file affidavits as one, and even appear in court as one and pretend to be one! What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

The ARDC has painted itself in a corner…

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