Time to come clean and clean up the IARDC


Mr. Larkin,

The affidavit that accompanies the motion that discusses the use of unlicensed professionals by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission creates such an appearance of impropriety that the person who wrote the affidavit as well as all who were consulted in reference thereto surrender their law licenses as severe dangers to the public.

You are aware that professional licensing is the chosen method by which the State protects consumers. Use of unlicensed people by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) is beyond contempt. However, it is consistent with everything that went on in my case, JoAnne Denison’s case, Lanre Amu’s case ***** and the racial insult heaped upon an Icon of the Civil Rights movement (Diane Nash). Just focusing on the JoAnne Denison case you at this point in time know that the charges made against Ms. Denison (and myself) were totally false and even had they been…

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