Still in need of $50 for phone services!

We still need a bit of help and thanks to everyone!

You all did great in coming to my need in times of trouble.  My services are back on  but I still need another $50 by Wednesday.

So if anyone can manage that, it would be wonderful

You can text me a check to 773-255-7608 or email me one to

We are getting there and I am in the process of applying for a grant to help elder abuse victims, which is what I already do.  The mantra of “target, guardianize, isolaate, medicate, drain the estate, narcotize to death and cremate” has got to end.  Too many elders have been murdered (Baker, Sykes, Drabik, Tyler) and too many are still at risk (Frake, Stone, Belanger, etc.) and we have to end this now.

I appreciate everyone for all your help, I really do.

I send you all peace and love and many, many blessings.


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