Pleased to Announce–Tim Lahrman is a free man!

He just emailed all of us and our prayers have been answered.  He is free and at home resting.

I think we’re all taking bets on how many days it is before he sues for his completely false arrest and imprisonment in Indiana Federal District Court, Northern Division.

Summary:  approx. 17 years ago, Tim Lahrman was arrested for a joint stub found in his boss’ car and a loose license plate holder.  Not the crime of the century.  He promptly filed numerous motions objecting to his arrest and any trial, because he has been adjudicated a disabled adult.

The US Supreme Court law is clear on this issue.  Mentally ill people cannot be tried until it is shown they have the capacity to participate in a trial and assist in their own arrest. If they cannot do this, they must be released to the public or a mental institution, those…

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