HOAs and their methods to steal, plunder and loot


From Cynthia Stevens:

To: Spetri@pahousegop.com,
Subject: A need to see – Re: CNBC – HOAs – “Next Foreclosure Fight” video link. Bill Davis, Texas HOA homeowner attorney and Tom Skiba, CAI, youtube.com
Date: May 24, 2016 10:48 AM

I believe it is beneficial that you see this!  All our elected officials, investigators, prosecutors need to wake up and acknowledge what has been on going in the HOA criminality, HOA property thefts and HOA legal and judicial abuses across America!

In this interview,

I believe Tom Skiba, CEO, CAI delivers industry propaganda and bad stats.  Bill Davis, Texas  HOA homeowner atty did excellent job, but they needed to hear more from him. Tom Skiba clearly got more time and I think the news correspondents were a bit biased with the way they said many things.  If you are going to do a news…

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