Automatic drugging of patients in hospice

Blatant lies about “hospice” threatens this woman’s life

Misdiagnosed And Overdosed, Grandmother Rescued From Hospice

Family members often feel powerless and hopeless when they realize that a loved one in hospice care has been put on the pathway to a speedy death. This is a story of one family’s vigilance and timely action, which saved Mrs. Jackie McGiboney’s life.bedside

“My grandmother has been alive for almost a year since our horrible overdose experience with the hospice,” Carly Walden wrote to the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance (PHA) on February 8, 2016. Carly aims to do everything possible to warn others about the invisible murders happening in many hospices and encourage others to save the lives of their loved ones when faced with similar circumstances.

Events leading to hospice admission

On December 12, 2014, Jackie fell at home. She…

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