Another liar–this OPG claims sainthood when he’s the devil in a sheep’s clothing

For those of you out there that know probate, get ready, this article will make you want to vomit:

Steve Wixson isn’t a well known figure at the Midland County Services Building, but for those he represents, he plays a vital role in their lives.

As director of the Office of Public Guardian, Wixson aids a portion of the mentally ill population that need assistant with life.

“Steve is the advocate for these folks because they can’t advocate for themselves,” County Administrator/Controller Bridgette Gransden said. “He is very good at assisting people and situations and looking out for the ward, but also the county as an organization and the office of public guardian.”

The office of public guardian provides adult guardianship and conservatorship services for the mentally ill population in Midland County.

“We make all decisions for those people including medical and housing. We also manage their Social Security…

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