From Ken Ditkowsky–worried about the integrity of the Bench

This article does nothing but raise the question, why are these people giving tens of thousands of dollars, if not over $100,000 to get judgeships?  And why is one man in Chicago funneling them-Ald. Eddie Burke and his wife is on the Supreme Court! and then when Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu expose corruption in the courts, and that is verified by Crain’s Chicago business (Judge Lynn Egan), the clients kick her off their boards and apologize, but Lynn Egan is still on the bench and Ken and Lanre are on the outs?
What kind of justice is this and just who or whom is in charge–Eddie Burke and take a look at his Wiki page and articles on him.  While not indicted for corruption (yet), he seems to be at the hub of the center and a maze of it, making Chicago look like a laughingstock of corruption. The…

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