Sign the petition –Project Innocence–families

Read on, the petition says a whole lot about the current status of our nation’s Probate and Family courts:

It took a Nation speaking up, investigating and committing to save kids to reveal decades of  sexual abuse imposed on children by the powerful members of the  Catholic Church.

it will take a greater effort to save children and families being decimated by American Family Courts, under the color of law.

CAN you imagine losing time with your children, your parents or family members  for a day, an hour, a month, a year or ten years?  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

CAN you  imagine losing (through no fault of your own)  a lifetime of your retirement savings, your house investment, your cash, your cars and your  children’s college savings accounts, simply because your spouse filed for divorce and hired a lawyer willing to decimate you  and your children? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

CAN you imagine your elderly…

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