For Randy Robinson–the Fake “science” of Psychiatry

From You Tube–The Most Shocking Psychiatry Documentary Ever

For all of you out there that hated your BS, tied in corrupt, crony psychiatrists that took away your grandmother or grandfather, even your kids, this documentary is right up your alley. Pay attention and watch this video. It is an eye opener–into the BS pseudoscience world of psychiatry.

The whole field of psychiatry has affected everyone’s life. No one is immune. We are all touched by it from people left zombies after pseudo science treatment, to thousands and thousands of deaths every year from psychotropic drugs and the handling of patients in a psych hospital. Pscyh hospitals, with quack treatments and psychotropic, highly toxic drugs that result in walking zombies and the walking dead in real life, result not just in deaths and permanent brain damage and paralysis (tardive dyskenesia), but can also lead to violence (mass shooters) and suicides.


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