Justice 4 Every1, NFP — Rent Money Needed!


Justice 4 Every1 is desperately in need of rent money and is in imminent danger of eviction.  One tenant I am sharing space with is 85 and could not pay rent.  Another client that was to pay me $25,000 from the $287,000 that I got for him in probate refuses to pay because he wants to save the money to buy his own home back from the probate court so he and his mother are safe to live there.  Whether or not people pay me, I do not sue them.
Justice 4 Every1  has done great work in the past few years.  We have worked to remove Judge Stuart who lied at my trial and was part of fleecing the Mary Sykes estate of all it’s assets.  There was no jurisdiction in that case and Mary was never service with a Petition or Notice of Hearing.  Her elderly sisters were…

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