Please write to the City of Goshen and demand they release Tim Lahrman

To:, ………………..
Subject: Re : Demand for Release of Mr. Tim Lahrman20H02 9904 CM 0460 Indiana v. Tim Lahrman
Date: Apr 6, 2016 2:36 AM

Dear Ms. Marks;

It is come to my attention that you are holding Mr. Lahrman in one of your adult detention centers.

This is to advise you that Mr. Lahrman is a ward of the State of Indiana and as such, he is not available for incarceration.  His guardian must be contacted and only the Guardian may legally speak for Mr. Lahrman.

I am now in receipt of a 92 page file that contains repeated statements from Mr. Lahrman that he is a disabled adult.  The case should have been referred over to Probate as soon as he was brought in.

Either the State of Indiana considers him a person for the purposes of incarceration, or it does not. …

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