How to make a profit from the Homeless and abuse them

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From Ken Ditkowsky

Subject: Re: HARVESTING THE HOMELESS — ALSO NEEDS AN HONEST INVESTIGATION> More and more connected in this disgrace, criminality and massive cover up involving the range of abuses and crimes against our children & women by the Catholic Church – Pennsylvania
Date: Mar 11, 2016 7:39 PM
Lower Wacker Drive was a haven for the homeless, especially during the winter months.   The underground area offered some relative warmth, and the doorways to the skyscrapers shelter.   Dozens congregated.    Many were elderly and most had mental problems.   It was an embarrassment to the City, except when votes needed to be cast –
The large nursing home operators always were on the lookout for the easy score.   Not all the elderly are monied.    In fact most live on quite modest budgets and particularly in Chicago the rule, rather…

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