Child Rep Natalie Koga lied again in court this week.

Lisa Nadig lost custody of her 17 year old son when a dispute ensued after she told her son to put his laptop away at 3 am so he could get sufficient sleep to go to school the next day. During the scuffle, the son bruised her arms. His face had 2 tiny half in scratches. An attorney went into court (not even related to that case) and testified that the son “had large gouges across his face” and brought in doctored photos. Original photos from the police department show two tiny scratches. The doctored photos have disappeared. This attorney has not apologized for his false testimony or moved the court to correct him. He is the worst scum of the earth IMHO. His name is Kelly I believe. The judge has been told all of these facts, that the original judgment for a protective order and to change custody was nothing but fraud on the court. Judge Levinson said at the next court date “I didn’t have time to read this.” Of course he had time to read it. That’s utter nonsense. He just didn’t want to admit he made an egregious mistake Two months later, Atty Natalie Koga who continues these lies, tell the court that it has not been two years since a custody modification when she knows that the Protective Order was based on fraud on the court and was void ab initio (from the beginning.) Nothing but a court room of liars, thugs and thieves. The Child Reps stir from the bottom of the pot to churn the bill (Natalie Koga said her further involvement in the case would be probono but reneged on this assertion in court–never believe what she says)
This is a complete mess and Levinson is the problem

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