From Ken Ditkowsky–Protecting the First Amendment from Goons and Thugs

To: “” <>,
Subject: Re: Left-wing Riot Gave Trump a Larger Audience
Date: Mar 12, 2016 10:07 AM
Apparently we are reaching the insane stage of the political season a bit early this time around.     Historically, the partisans demonstrate their hypocrisy closer to election day, however, right out in the open are intelligent thinking people who discussing limiting the political speech of those that they disagree with.    As an example, a ‘kid’ who had been a soldier opened his big mouth and proclaimed that he was going to middle east to fight for ISIS.     He bought a ticket, traveled to Turkey where he was arrested and charged.
Where was the Civil Liberties Union?    Where were all the liberals?    Where were all the conservatives?    Indeed, where were you and I?     Uniformly, we are all outraged by “thought police” and limits on our freedom; but we…

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