Tests and indicators for psychopathy


I know that many of you out there often wonder, especially in court, or when you meet a new lawyer, who are these people that are so unfeeling, uncaring and kind?  How did they get in these positions of power and control?

Psychopath: a person who does not feel sympathy, empathy, love or tenderness for others, kindness toward others ,etc. They either commit crimes or are in prison or jail. They become more focused and calmer when watching violence, torture, crime, humiliation or nastiness. They may be violent or commit violent crimes, but many do not.

Sociopath: a psychopath that is not violent and has learned to confirm to laws because they don’t want to go to jail or prison.  Some sociopaths claim a good nurturing upbringing kept them out of jail or prison.


Narcissist: a sociopath where everything revolves around him or her. They do not like criticism…

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