Coparenting Agreement and Marital Settlement Agreement

Recently, I have seen far too many complaints from moms that divorce is unfair to moms, while at the same time dads are complaining divorce is unfair to dads.

From their comments, it appears that they are either not using modern coparenting and settlement agreements at all, or they have old ones or just a bad lawyer, or they are pro se.

So, please take a look at the following and see if you find anything unfair, and please feel free to use them:

let me know if any moms or dads or attorneys out there have any updates to make these more fair.



PS –  if you enter these as a court order, any party violating them is automatically subject to sanctions.  If you enter them as a separate agreement (some jurisdictions allow this, others do not, ask the judge), you must first file a Motion to Enforce, get a court order the non complying party has violated the Agreement with an order not to violate again, and then on the next violation sanctions will apply

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