Using the “mental health” of lawyers to disbar them

Of course, claiming someone is mentally ill when they are not is always a common tactic of corrupt governments to put someone away and discredit them when they are fine, but disclosing some skeletons that the clouted and powerful do not want to have disclosed, to wit:

To: “Paul K. Ogden” <>, ‘Cynthia Stephens’ <>, “‘JoAnne M. Denison'” <>,
Subject: Re: FYI – Re: – State bars may probe applicants’ behavior, but not mental health status, says DOJ, June 01, 2014
Date: Jan 20, 2016 3:46 PM
The probing of an attorney’s mental competency by the State Bar Association as means of intimidation, retribution, or just a garden variety assault on the First Amendment is an interesting tactic.
It is obvious that State Disciplinary Commissions do not get involved in the private affairs of attorneys without a reason.   In some instances there is a…

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