New Petition on White House website calls for reform of corrupted US judiciary

And while I continue my campaign to ask that Jerome Larkin and James Grogin take tests (brain scan, pet scan or MRI) to determine if they and any staff members at the Ill. Regn. Atty Discipline Comm. are psychopaths, narcissists or sociopaths, people continue to protest the judicial tragedy of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, both online and in the streets.

No one who is a good person wants anyone else to get hurt. The pols, judges and lawyers involved must resign.  Those who continue in office should volunteer to take a brain scan/MRI/pet scan for psychopathy and resign if they have it.

People in Chicago are tired of all the corruption and cronyism that makes life hell here when innocents are gunned down in the street and crimes are covered up.

We now have a group of 25 lawyers across the nation who have been suspended/disbarred for outing…

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