The only question is, why don’t they march on the ARDC that protects corrupt attorneys and judges.

Protestors march around Chicago shutting down businesses and income to Chicago for protesting the death of an unarmed child with 16 bullets.  Young Laquan McDonald.

Why don’t they ask the Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Committee how many corrupt attorneys they protected?  Why are they asking the Illinois Judiciary Inquiry Board how many judges that they protected?

Where are the 13 other videos the city attorneys and Mayor refuse to turn over?

I know how this all happened and so does Ken Ditkowsky.  If a lawyer speaks the truth about corruption in Chicago, they disbar or suspend them.  But if a lawyer covers up, obstructs justice, destroys or suppresses evidence, they ignore it with a letter of dismissal.  Mr. Lanre Amu spoke out against certain judges, the media investigated and confirmed the corruption and the judge involved resigned her position at the corporation and the corporation apologized to the…

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