Articles on Attorney dissent and Bar Associations crushing dissent continue to go viral

I just got about the 3rd or 4th email this week that an article by renown reporter Janet Phelan (who escaped to Mexico to avoid persecution for her work in the US on corruption in the courts), is still, after about two months, going viral on the internet.

If you have not seen this famous article, you can do so now at:

No one can believe that US Bar associations still continue to persecute and prosecute attorneys that speak out against corruption in the courts and spill the beans on what Atty Ken Ditkowsky calls “a string of felonies” covered up by clouted miscreant attorneys, judges and justices in our US court systems.

Previously, I have published much information on how the mob controls the puppet strings of the court system, official court reporters routinely changing transcripts and even the court of appeal in Illinois covers up attorney crimes…

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