Protect your brain and get aluminum out of the kitchen

Here is an excellent article on the dangers of cooking and aluminum and how Al gets into our foods in baking and cooking.

Al is often used as an adjutant in vaccines, which is what many people complain are causing or inflating severe vaccine injuries.

We can’t always avoid Al or aluminum in our foods and cookware, so detoxing by use of curry powder (contains turmeric) and green vegetable juicing is the next best thing.

Certain species of spices and plants in compost piles are able to bind to and remove heavy metals from the soil (Mother Nature knows best).  One of the problems of modern farming is that we do not use natural manures or composts on our crops.  Instead we only spray them with about 6 nutrients, just so they look good and grow fast.  However, this does not mean our foods are getting all the phytonutrients…

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