LA Class Action may be able to help disableds in Calif.

From Candice Schwager comes a proposal for a Class Action against the court system to prevent the abuses that we frequently see in guardianships across the nation.

This lawsuit will force the court system 1) to acknowledge the ADA and that it applies to guardianship proceedings; 2) to force evaluations of 7 basic areas of decision making in adults and to state specifically which areas are retained by the prospective ward and which are not; and 3) (most important) to appoint a trained, pro bono, attorney in each case for the benefit of the proposed ward to ensure that the ward is always represented in a proceeding.

Of course, my only questions are, given the greed, the propensity for fudging with bank account and other assets which often disappear, valuables from the home disappear, seniors are forced into nursing homes against their will, their homes and cars are sold…

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