Feds to step in and investigate McDonald Matter



While the article tells the sordid tale of the city covering up the video of a teen boy being gunned down with 26 bullets (he apparently had a small knife on him), it appears that it is most likely that quite a few scape goats will find themselves on the outs and even in prison.

With complete disgust and utter shame, city attorneys were actually PAID to suppress  the crucial video for 14 months.  The family was paid by the city $5 million to shut up even before suit was filed.

We know that the Mayor was in on this, why he still goes to work and not South America or the Caribbean is anyone’s guess.

We further know a cadre of city attorneys were in on the felonies (obstruction of justice 18 USC sec 4, misprison of felony or failure to report and turn over the video to…

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