From AP: Question: what can attorneys bill for or not bill for. How to dispute a legal bill

What attorneys can bill for (per billing rules at most large law firms):What attorneys can bill for (per billing rules at most large law firms):
Preparing pleadings 1 hour or $200 per page (attorneys should keep drafts day by day), depending on complexity.  Set a reasonable rate in advance with the attorney.
Put your attorney on a budget of expenditures per month or per task.
Legal Research:  Billing ok for:  Esoteric legal research .5 hrs to read a case, as long as cases are not unusually long .Attorneys should not bill for easy stuff they should already know like how to do an appeal brief, how to prepare a deed, how to prepare court forms, etc. Attorneys should save their list of cases they read if the client asks.
Reading or reviewing an email or pleading. Attorneys should only bill for actually writing a letter, motion or appeal brief and…

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