From KKD: Health care fraud needs more attention

On Sunday, February 4, 2018 9:49 PM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:

A great number of problems exist and we have encouraged official corruption by making it very profitable.   The Health care industry has become the chosen profession of the corrupt political elite (and judicial elite) as there is so much money to steal.   The problem starts to dissipate if we start enforcing the laws as enacted by the sundry legislatures and start taxing the booty obtained by not only the miscreants, but those who cover up for them.
Let me give you an example.   Guardianship is a home grown industry.   Grab a elderly person and immediately you have two income sources – 1) the health care insurance – Federal and Insurance, and 2) the assets owned by the victim.   The guardian has a clear shot at the victim’s assets as the ‘wired’ court by rote approves all the accountings of…

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