From KD–Information continues to flow about corrupt Fla. nursing home that baked 8 patients to death–body temps up to 110 deg.

Take a look at the on-line edition of the WALL STREET JOURNAL  – this morning’s article has disappeared from the site!      
The media coverage while benign does reveal that:
1) there was a fully functioning hospital right across the Street, and therefore even in the middle of the hurricane any patient threatened could have been carried across the street to safety.   However, the deaths occurred after the danger from the storm was over, so whether or not government was functioning, FPL was functioning, or the Good Lord was on vacation NO ONE NEEDED TO DIE!    In fact evacuation was not only called for, but practical.    Even without the deaths this facility was so poorly managed that it ought to have been shut down.
2) One generator at the facility failed – why were there not sufficient generators on the premises?  Certainly…

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