News on Appellate efiling and please write Dorothy Brown

For those of you that are facing an appeal, your Record on Appeal can now be filed on line. (Hint: this is the easy new part).  Go to the Dorothy Brown Clerk of Court Website and click on Appellate efiling.

Now that was the easy part.

Next are filing the Record on Appeal (once you get it) online and the Docketing Statement.

So you go to the Court of Appeals/Supreme Court website and you try to find the portal.

You click on “ebusiness”.  No apparent portal.

So here’s the secret (and this is proof of too many corrupt cases and don’t dare file an appeal and we’ll put your screwed up case in a non citeable “Rule 23” Opinion), you have to click on one of “The Choices” for efiling in the 1st district court of appeals.

Now you can click about a dozen links on the SCOI/court of appeals…

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